1372732019000-XXX-ecigs-1307012228_4_3Do you have high craving for tobacco? Worry less as herein is a deal for you. E cigarettes have been designed to transform your vaping experience and has become the commonly used vaping mode around. What is an e-cigarette? E-cigarettes are battery operated devices that contains liquid nicotine which is atomized to produce vapor which is then inhaled by the smoker who will quenches their thirst for smoking. It does not result into production of smoke which could affect or cause discomfort to the people near you. The vapor that is produced is believed to contain up to more than 4000 chemicals similar to those found in the original cigarette. It has also been found out that the vapor that is produced by an e-cigarette do not have any harmful carbon monoxide or tar that is found in most of the tobacco.

An e cigarette uses the latest and advanced technology. It contains a Lithium battery that can be recharged when used up. It also contains a replaceable cartridge and as you draw the e-cigarette, the battery is initiated which in turn starts vaporizing the nicotine liquid by the use of an atomizer. It just delivers a sweet scent and that there is no smoke or any negative side effects.

Research shows that more than 40 million Americans now use the e cigarettes rather than tobacco. In most of the places where smoking of tobacco has been banned, use of e-cigarettes is allowed. It is the best and professional way to calm down your high craving for smoking at any place and time. You do not have to hide or step out in order to smoke when you use an e-cigarette. Take the instance of a situation when you are traveling by air and you are never permitted to smoke. Use of e-cigarette is thus the best option to take in such a case as you can smoke without causing discomfort or side effects to your fellow passengers.

Do e-cigarettes have any benefits? Yes, the introduction of e cigarettes has posed great advantages over the original tobacco. The following are the benefits of e-cigarettes

  • � It is possible to smoke less than you could smoke a normal cigarette. You will bear with me when you are a cigarette smoker, immediately you light up your stuff, there is no way you could smoke up to the middle then stop instead you will be convinced to complete the whole stuff. However with the use of e-cigarettes, it becomes very easy to smoke less.
  • � Moreover e-cigarettes are non-flammable and hence there it does not result into any burns. You can easily notice a cigarette smoker by closely examining their hands and their car carpets. You will find some burns and holes that result from smoking.
  • � The use of e-cigarettes does not require you to carry around a lighter or match box. Moreover, since it does not produce ash, there is no need to carry with you ashtrays. It is thus the most convenient and advanced way of smoking.
  • � It is less costly and thus you could save a lot of money. E-cigarettes are cheap compared to the purchase and use of tobacco. Do some math and see the advantage and amount of money you could save by use of an e-cigarette. The average price of a pack of tobacco costs between $7-19 while an e-cigarette pack costs only $2.
  • � It is also the best way to save your insurance rates. When you go out to take insurance on your life, one of the things that will be evaluated is the condition and practices of your health. Compare these two people that smoke e-cigarette and the other that smoke tobacco regularly. Since e-cigarette poses fewer risks to your health and the people living near you, it is therefore more likely you will pay less than that smoking tobacco.
  • � It detoxifies your body as it does not contain any poisons. It has been technologically made to ensure that it does not pose any of the major side effects on your health instead quench your vaping needs.
  • � The use of e-cigarettes does not affect the people near you hence do not result into second hand smoking.



E-cigarettes are tobacco free products that are proven to satisfy all the smoking needs in an individual. It can be used anywhere, any time while not conflicting with your neighbors or laws of the state. Leave not even a single trace of smoking behind by using an e-cigarette and transform your vaping needs.

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